Saturday, June 1, 2013

Games in a Jar w/ Free Printable

A few months ago I made these game jars to give as gifts. The jars have a booklet with game ideas that are geared towards older toddlers (who won't put small objects in their mouths) and preschoolers, but will work for older kids as well, as one nice commenter pointed out. These games are SUPER SIMPLE (nothing you've never heard of) but they are things that always put a grin on my kids' faces. They are games that also encourage cooperation, patience, thinking skills, and listening.

The jars I used are the 16 oz. Ball plastic freezer jars and I added a:
  • ping pong ball 
  • matchbox car
  • domino
  • small bean bag
  • key
  • pom pom
  • coin
  • wooden peg doll
  • plastic frog
  • button
  • plastic diamond
  • "silver" (spray painted rock)
  • glass gem
  • die
You can add anything you want but you will want something soft to toss (like a pom pom or bean bag) and something that will roll (like a car or small ball) if you are using the game ideas in the printable booklet.

Here's the link to the printable game booklet (8.5 x 11"). 

After printing, just cut in half lengthwise on a paper trimmer (at 4.25").

And then cut each section into quarters (each section will be 2.75"). Each printout will make 2 booklets. I laminated mine, punched a hole in the top corner, and used some ball chain to loop them together.

Put the booklet in the middle of the jar (if you put it on the side it will bend to the shape of the jar) and then add the objects around it.

I'm planning to put a jar in our trailer this summer to use for quick and easy games or just free play and keep one at home.

If you have ideas for additional things to add to the jar or simple games to play, please share in the comments!


Betty Bake said...

such a great idea! well done

jess said...

Thanks, Betty!

JP said...

These are great games, even for older kids. Is it possible to remove the "preschool" description from the printable booklet and have them just as "simple games"?

jess said...

Hi JP...thanks for the suggestion! I've updated the pdf. If you don't see the changes you might need to reload (F5) the file. If there are any issues, let me know! :)

Midori Krieger said...

I can't see the PDF when I select it on my ipad

jess said...

Hi Midori. Thanks for pointing this out. I've tried for a few hours to figure out why it's not opening on an iPad (it's not opening on mine either) and I haven't been able to solve the problem. Sorry! I'll still work on it but for now it will be best to use a computer.

Kristen said...

We added an empty spool and a marble. The marble is maybe only good for kids age 3+ who you know won't try to swallow it. :)

Stefani said...

super fun idea. Can't wait to make this to take camping. In the winter we head to the mountains, this will be great for those days we get trapped inside the hotel during a snow storm.

Jodi said...

This is FANTASTIC! I am making one RIGHT NOW for my kids to play with over the summer, and I'm pinning the idea for pre-school Christmas gifts!!! Thank you!

jess said...

Thanks, Jodi!