Monday, June 17, 2013

Upcycled Faucet Handle Flowers Tutorial

A few years ago I saw these cute flowers made out of vintage faucet handles by Laurel Putman and wanted to make something similar. I made mine pretty simple with wire and faucet handles and have had mine on the top of our entertainment center for a few months. I love the pop of color and the industrial look of them. Thought I'd share a quick how-to.

Supplies Needed

  • wire (I used 16 gauge galvanized wire from Home Depot...the 200 foot spool was only about $6 and I have lots left over)
  • vintage faucet handles (I found the blue ones on Etsy and I bought the yellow one at an antique store but it was just a rust color so I lightly coated it with yellow spray paint)
  • vase (the one I used is from Pier 1)

Cut 3 wires for each faucet handle about 6-12" higher than the vase height (I varied the lengths of each flower). Bend the top 1-2" into a loop (I just used my fingers).

Bend each loop at a 90 degree angle and then put them through the center hole of the faucet handles.

Bend the wire coming out the back at a 90 degree angle as well to hold the faucet handle in place.

Twist one length of wire loosely around the other two to make the stem and snip any extra off the bottoms so they are level. Put them in a vase and bend/twist them until you like the arrangement.

The chalkboard behind the vase is posted here: Chalkboard Artwork. Thanks for visiting!

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Anonymous said...

I've been making these with hangers and they don't look as nice as yours...thanks for the tutorial!