Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Vintage Button Ring DIY

Here's a tutorial on making a "solitaire" ring using a vintage rhinestone shank button and memory wire. These are super quick to make and only require a few tools. I have gold and silver DIY kits to make these button rings in my shop and might add some other colors in the future.

When I tried this one on my husband said it would make a good wedding ring. He coulda saved some money if I had made this 8 years ago. :)

Supplies & Tools Needed

  • small beads
  • memory wire for rings
  • shank button
  • round nose pliers
  • wire cutters (the rust bucket beauties in the photo above are from my toolbox...I use these rather than my nicer jewelry wire cutters to cut the memory wire because it's kind of on the hard side)

Grab one end of the memory wire and twist it toward the rest of the coil to make a loop that will keep the beads from falling off.

Start threading the beads on the opposite end of the wire. I just thread them on with my fingers, not the round nose pliers, but I tried and couldn't take a photo of myself doing that. I need a few more hands. Move all the beads down to the loop at the bottom every once in a while.

I decided that for the size of button I'm using I want my button to be 3 wraps. So I clipped a few loops off the wire (leaving extra for the loop) and when I was about 1/2 way through, I added the button to the wire.

Finish filling up the wire with beads (check to make sure there aren't gaps) and loop the other end as you did in step 1 to close the ring.

A few minutes of work and you will have this beauty. 

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