Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fabric Flower Appliques

Thought I'd show a quick and easy project I actually accomplished today. I have a old zip-up hoodie that got an oil stain that wouldn't come out with a stain remover. I decided to try to salvage it by patching it with fabric flower appliques. I love how it turned out!

Find something that has a stain or hole you want to cover up. This zip-up has an oil stain above the right pocket.

Cut out a square of fabric that you want to use. This is from a $2 yard of fabric and I bought 1/4 yard (so it was $0.50 and I still have most of it left).

Cut out a square of Heat N Bond (I used the Ultrahold No-Sew in the red package) that is slightly smaller than your fabric square (so it doesn't stick to your ironing board). This photo shows the textured side. The other side is smooth.

Place your fabric square wrong side up and the Heat N Bond smooth side up on top of the fabric. I ironed it on a medium setting with no steam for 2 seconds (following the directions on the package).

Cut out the images on the fabric you want to use for the patches. There was only one stain on the hoodie but I did 3 patches since 1 is a lonely number.

Peel the backing off the patches (just like you would peel the backing off a sticker) and stick it to the clothing. Iron again to set. I ironed on a medium setting with no steam for 8 seconds (following the directions on the package).


These would look cute with stitching around them but I knew I probably wouldn't get that far so I bought the no-sew Heat N Bond. The flowers actually almost look screen printed to me. I'm excited to try this on other things--especially some of the kids' stuff. Save the ratty old clothes!

Update 7/13: Now that I've washed this sweatshirt a few times, the appliques are slightly peeling off around the edges. Next time I do this I'll definitely use the Heat N Bond for sewing and stitch around the edges.

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