Thursday, April 17, 2008

F-U-N Collages

2014 Note: I had quite a few pictures of the process I used to create this collage, and lost them all. I'm keeping all the notes here, even though there's no step-by-step. :)

Here's a project I did for the playroom. It's based on the technique by Kelly Rae Roberts in "Patch it Together" from the November/December 2007 issue of Cloth Paper Scissors.

I started with three inexpensive 8x8 Blick canvases with the gallery profile.

For the collage I used found papers like bits of junk mail, a drawing by B, graph paper, a page out of an old atlas, and a page out of a Japanese dictionary.

For the paint colors I used Golden Fluid Acrylics in Cobalt Teal and Green Gold, both mixed with a little Titan Buff. I added a few Cadmium Red Medium circles made with the rim of a cup.

Instead of drawing a figure like Kelly does in her article, I printed out the word "fun", sizing to fit the canvases. I then traced over the letters onto the canvases using carbon paper.

I traced over the outlined letters a couple of times with Prismacolors.

Then I filled the letters in with Cobalt Teal, painted the sides of the canvases Cadmium Red Medium and added a couple more cup circles in Cadmium Yellow Medium. I sanded the edges a bit and sealed everything with another coat of medium.

It was definitely a F-U-N project for me...


Cafe Johnsonia said...

WOW, Jess! I love it! It looks great.

Tizzalicious said...

Those are great!

aurora said...

That is Gorgeous! Wow. I would love to try something like that.

Great Blog! ♥

love.boxes said...

Oh! I just love these!

Laura B said...

These are great, definately looks worth a go!

i'm kelly said...

what a great project. i bet they look great in your room.